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What Are Hormone free HCG Drops?

Hormone free HCG drops are drops that simulate and activate the hypothalamus gland the same way (Chorionic Gonadotropin) injections do. Lean 40 will work as an aid to help you get rid of that unwanted weight that slows you down in life and can affect your health negatively.

It works to help keep your appetite from being out of control. It stirs the metabolism into moving faster, resulting in weight loss. The drops are for people who may have a needle phobia and can't stand the thought of being injected on a regular basis. They find the drops a lot easier to handle.

While the HCG drops can and will help you lose weight, it's not a magic cure-all where you can just take the drops and then eat like you're eating for several people. You have to exercise moderation and follow the diet plans provided in the members area.

But what the drops can do is help you in the battle for control of your appetite. It will take willpower the first few days to determine you're going to stick with the weight loss program because by now, your body is used to eating whatever, whenever - and it isn't going to give up without a fight. That's the reason why many dieters also hit plateaus during weight loss efforts - the body tries to fight back.

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