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HCG Ordering Questions

Below you will find the answers to the following questions about our homeopathic method for safe, fast weight loss results.

  • How long does a 2oz bottle last?
  • How many ounces of HCG do I need for a round?
  • How long does shipping take?
  • Why is your price higher than other HCG companies?
  • Why should I buy from DIY HCG?
  • What comes with the HCG drops?

How long will a 2oz. bottle of Lean 40 drops last?

A 2oz bottle should last you around 40 days for our homeopathic method, if you're using the recommended dosage for safe, fast weight loss results

How much Lean 40 Do I Need for the HCG Diet

The phases of the HCG Diet homeopathic method where you take the drops lasts between 23-40 days. For a single course of the Lean 40 HCG Diet, we recommend one 2oz bottle. Some people may need to increase their dosage slightly for safe, fast weight loss results. In that case, we recommend purchasing one additional bottle of Lean 40.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We Ship daily. Typical time from when an order is placed until it arrives is 3-5 business days for USPS ground shipping or Priority Mail is available at a separate cost.

Why is Lean 40 More Expensive than Other HCG Drops?

The cost of Lean 40 Diet Drops reflects all the extra value included with it. Our homeopathic weight loss method isn't just the drops themselves. You will also have access to our Weight Loss Diet and Menus of delicious recipes, as well as our world class customer service and fast shipping to your home.
Our prices are very reasonable for a HGH Hormone Free Substitute. While many sites will sell watered-down miracle cures for marked up prices, our HCG drops are priced appropriately for our customers. Once you see the safe, fast weight loss results Lean 40 provides, you'll be glad you chose us over another company.

Why Should I Buy Lean 40's HCG Diet Drops?

We manufacture Lean 40's HCG Diet Drops right here in Miami, in full compliance with all FDA regulations regarding pharmaceutical manufacturing. We're Gcmp certified.

  • You'll typically receive you HCG drops within 3-5 days of ordering.
  • Lean 40 Drops require no refrigeration, no needles, and no alcohol pads. Easy for traveling!
  • Our products require no mixing before use.
  • Lean 40's products are completely safe. No side effects!

What will I Receive with my Order from Lean 40?

In addition to a 2oz bottle of HCG Drops, you'll receive an informational booklet about our homeopathic weight loss method and the HCG diet, as well as access to our site's exclusive recipes, menus, and more.

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