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Lean 40 Phases

A Review of the HCG Diet Plan

When it comes to the phases of the Lean 40 and hCG diet program, you need to follow the diet plan and take the right amount of dietary supplements, or you won’t see the weight loss results you want. Kevin Trudeau added one extra step to the original program set up by Dr. Simeons, but choosing between the two shouldn’t affect your results. Trudeau added a cleansing phase to the original program, with the purpose of cleansing the body of impurities before starting with the intake of high calorie foods. Followers of both diet plans and hCG dietary supplements appear to have the same weight loss success.

Dr. Simeons Phase 1

Day 1 & 2: There is not a menu for this portion of the program. You need to consume high calorie foods such as sauces, pastas, avocados, and other high fat foods.

Day 3: On this day you will start a 500 calorie per day diet. It is important that you eat the types of foods and correct portions outlined in Dr. Simeons' plan. You will also start taking the hCG hormone, either by injection, oral drops, or pills. While the injections are only done once a day, oral drops and pills may need to be taken more often depending on the hCG strength.

You will need to continue with the restrictive diet and hCG hormone for at least 21 to 45 days depending on your weight loss goals. After you finish with the hormone, you will need to continue with a low-calorie diet for at least three days.

When you get to phase three, you’ll be able to start adding in more foods, but you will need to be consistent with your calories and choose fat free foods. By phase three you will be done taking the hCG hormone and by this phase you will see yourself not craving high fat foods.

Phase 2

In phase 2 of Dr. Simeons' plan, this is where you begin the low-calorie portion and start to take the hCG hormone. If you are following Trudeau’s method, this phase is where you load up on calories, so your metabolism is ready to go when you start in on a restrictive diet. Trudeau just added an extra body cleansing step. The body cleansing and loading up on calories in Phase 2 are the only main differences between the two programs. Simply put: Dr. Simeons says to load up on calories in Phase 1, Trudeau says to do a body cleanse in Phase 1.

Both Dr. Simeons and Trudeau advise extremely low caloric intake during the second phase, as this phase was created to correct your metabolism by targeting the hypothalamus gland. Phase 2 teaches you how to eat the way you need to in order to avoid cravings and see the weight loss results. Each protocol encourages you to drink plenty of fluids through every phase of the diet plan, to prevent water retention and get rid of any toxins or impurities. While neither plan states that you need to exercise, being active is always a good idea.

This diet plan is a multistage program that will only work if you follow the steps and take the hCG dietary supplement hormone to help reboot your metabolism. Ideally, by following this diet plan you won’t have to diet again and could maintain an ideal weight for the rest of your life!

Phase 3

After the first and second phases, you will begin Phase 3 on the day following the end of Phase 2. Where Phase 2 is very restrictive in what you can have, now you will be allowed to have any kind of food you want and as much as you want. However, there are foods that are prohibited during the third phase.

  • Sugar, honey, molasses, dextrose, sucrose, and sweeteners

  • Starches, wheat products, rice, breads, etc.

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • Fast foods

  • Cool drinks

  • Foods containing nitrates, trans fat, and hydrogenated oils

While following the above restrictions, you should also make sure you are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and eating organic fruits. Try to stick with a large breakfast and several snacks throughout the day. Making sure you try to stay calm and stress free is also a big part of this phase. Doing yoga or meditating when you can helps to reduce stress. You may also want to take vitamin supplements during Phase 3.

Taking the time to weigh yourself every morning is key to charting your weight loss. Your weight will remain relatively the same since the last hCG injection, oral drops, or pill you took. If you see your weight fluctuate in an irregular manner and you notice you’re gaining weight instead of losing it, you’ll want to participate in a day long fast and make sure you are drinking about a gallon of water.

Once you complete Phase 2 of the diet plan and finish taking the hCG dietary supplements you should feel more energetic and happier. You will no longer have the cravings you used to and bingeing on unhealthy foods will be a thing of the past. Try hCG today.

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