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80 Day Program



Our most popular package is for customers looking to cycle the Dr. Simeon’s diet plan. This package is for those who are looking to completely transform their lives and health. Dieters will start seeing lasting results fast!

Package includes :

  • 4 ounces of Lean 40 Transformation Drops (Two- 2oz Bottles)
  • The Quick Start HCG Diet Guide and Dr. Simeon Pounds & Inches
  • Free Membership to all of our goodies!

WHY ARE WE SO CHEAP ! We are the direct manufacturer !
You do not pay the middle man or advertising fees only the 21 proven weight loss ingredients.
Why Lean 40 Because It's Made For You!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
It does work

It you want to loose weight this is the product to use! It curbs appetite.

Loved it

Awesome product. Truly works

Philly Girl

I like this Slenderizing drops because it doesn't have any taste at all. I tried quite a bit of dietary supplement to loose wait but have no luck, but this Drops seems to be working, I followed the instructions came with it and didn't change my diet at all and I loose weight.. started 122.2 lbs and now down to 117.8 lbs in 4 days only.. so its a WOW to me I loose weight that fast.. I will keep taking this till I reach my weight Goal.. :)

The slender rising drops are definitely very easy to use and are way better than heaven to..

Excellent product I must say. I started this product almost a week ago and I'm down 4.8 pounds.. The diet is very easy to follow. This is not a magic solution for loosing weight. You have to make a lifestyle change in order to achieve your goal. But this is a good product it cuts hunger in half.

Better Proportions

The slender rising drops are definitely very easy to use and are way better than heaven to take several pills a day and remember how many you've taken. A few drops in about your day and it seems to actually be helping me eat better proportions.

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