Lean 40 is a 100% natural dietary supplement, and is perfectly safe!

Lean 40 represents the most advanced scientific breakthrough in weight loss. No hidden costs everything is up front and explained just give us just 21 days, and see the amazing results for yourself!


PACKED WITH 21 Proven Weight Loss Ingredients

Lean 40 diet drops were made to satisfy even your most demanding needs. Rich in 8 amino acids, 13 know fat burning extracts all 100% safe.Lean 40 diet drops will for for you!



Lean 40 weight loss drops are hormone free and 100% homeopathic. Lean 40 diet drops are proudly made in the USA in a FDA certified Lab, cGMP certified and have gone through strict testing controls for your safety.



Use just 10 drops of Lean 40, 3 times to rid yourself of excess weight maintain an elegant figure.



Since your satisfaction is our top priority, Lean 40 Slenderizing Drops are backed by our 100% money back guarantee policy. Use Lean 40 while following the Bonus Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) plan included + all the goodies more in our members area to reach your weight loss goals. If you are not 100% satisfied please return for a full refund.

Dr Simeon's Simple 3 Phase Method

Phase 1:

Day 1 & 2, LOAD UP Time Eat and Begin your Lean 40 drops. On the first 2 days eat as much as you can of high fat foods. Focus on FATS instead of sugars. Stay “stuffed” for 2 days (VERY IMPORTPANT)

Phase 2:

Day 3—23 (up to 43 days) Continue using the Lean 40 drops as described. Begin the very low calorie diet 500/750. Finish the bottle of Lean 40.

Phase 3:

21 Days This is maintenance phase.This is very critical because this is when your body resets your metabolism and hypothalamus gland to your new body weight.Wanna Lose More Weight just start the 3 phase program all over with anew bottle of Lean 40. Use the members area(free to you) for all your Lean 40 diet needs.


Stop wasting money. Lean 40 is the highest quality diet drops out there for the price. Solve all your problems quick and effectively using 4 simple steps

  • Take Lean 40 Diet Drops.
  • Follow the diets and menus provided to you.
  • Read Pound and Inches (Provided on Website)
  • Watch The Weight Drop Off!

Thousands of men and women already are seeing and achieving incredible results using Lean 40!.

  • Lean 40 is a 100% natural dietary supplement, and is perfectly safe!
  • Lean 40 represents the most advanced scientific breakthrough in weight loss.
  • No Hidden Costs Everything Is Up Front And Explained
  • Just Give Us Just 21 Days, And See The Amazing Results For Yourself!

When you order Lean 40 Transformation drops, you will receive our Quick Start Guide that explains

  • How The Lean 40 Diet works and provides detailed instructions for dosage and the 3 stage diet guidelines.
  • We ship within 24 hours so you willreceive your order in 3 – 5 business days using USPS Priority Mail.
  • You will also receive FREE access to our Private Members Only Page which includes a copy of Dr. Simeons
  • Pounds and Inches along with the Mediterranean Diet more awesome recipes and many more FREE things to come.
  • Try Lean 40 risk free with our 30-day money back guarantee. Get ready to lose some weight, and see the difference for yourself! Why use Lean 40? Because it’s made for you!

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